Do you want to learn how to make fabulous chocolates?

Are you keen to learn some tricks of the trade?
Do you love Belgian chocolate?

We would be delighted to teach you all we know, maybe you only have a few hours to spare. The good news is that we can teach you how to make incredible chocolates in as little as an hour and a half.

Our workshops and parties are always relaxed, not at all stuffy and more importantly, filled with amazing chocolate, incredible decorations and chocolatiers that really know their stuff and are only too happy to share their skills with you.

With JoJo Cocoa you can learn the tricks of the trade, all about where chocolate comes from, loads of fun historical facts and maybe pick up a few prizes along the way.

Our most popular chocolate making activities are glorious super buttons, dipped and decorated fresh cream truffles and edible chocolate bowls. Whether your group is 8 or 80 years young, we guarantee that you will take away an amazing array of chocolate goodies. Whether you share them or eat them all yourself is up to you!