Are you as passionate about having fun whilst you learn as we are? Do you not only like to learn something new but really love chocolate? Are you passionate about practising what you’ve learnt? If so, we can give you a workshop that you will love.

Our philosophy is simple here at JoJo Cocoa towers, life is short and we like to make the most of it. Adding lots of fabulous chocolate seems to work well for us. Maybe it will suit you too?

Perhaps you’d like a workshop that’s full of easy to follow tuition, that will then give you loads of Belgian chocolate to practice with, and a fully trained chocolatier on hand to help if you get stuck?

Some people do get stuck and that’s where we excel, making people of all ages feel confident enough to tackle chocolate making.

JoJo Cocoa was founded in October 2014 by Jo Clayton who discovered that most chocolate workshops took themselves a little too seriously, therefore she wanted to inject some much needed fun and informality to the learning experience.

Jo trained to be a chocolatier in 2010 working with a fabulous company who only worked with Green and Blacks chocolate. JoJo Cocoa only ever use the best ingredients and Belgian chocolate.

Anyone who works within the JoJo Cocoa family are trained by Jo, we are all still learning and love to meet people as passionate about chocolate making as we are. Why not get in touch?

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